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Stand out and tell your story using art and creativity



We Are a content first marketing studio

All Our Digital Campaigns Are built around Killer Photos & Videos.

Content drives engagement. All of us want to consume Things that Stand Out, inspire, And tell Stories.

If You Settle for standard, you’ll lose. But If You Aim for extraordinary, You’ll create the business of your dreams.



Our Services


Strategy Coaching

When you start with coaching, everything else you create is so much more effective. You know where you’re going, exactly who your ideal customer is, and how to get your business in front of the people you want to help. Then you move into photo campaigns, video projects, branding, and websites with YOUR clear-cut strategies in mind.


Photos & Videos

This is where we shine. Powerful visual content is hands-down how you’re going to stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace. Think outside the box and above all, be authentic. Everyone has a camera these days, so to earn attention you have to do more. You have to say something that is worthy of your customer’s time.

Photo campaigns include headshots, creative lifestyle shoots, and custom stock images. Video projects include everything from storyboarding to editing and delivery.


Branding & websites

Ready to trade tired branding for something that actually feels like you? We offer logo design and complete branding guides. And then you pull everything together with a custom website. Beautiful and simple. Clearly communicate your message and let your story and content be the stars of the show. And best part? YOU OWN YOUR WEBSITE!


our mission

The future is small.

Our commitment to remaining a boutique agency means that we are nimble. We’re fresh. We’re constantly stretching. And more than anything, it means your account isn’t getting lost in a bloated agency like a bad game of telephone. All the Creative, Less Hassle.


Our work



you’re so Much cooler than You know how to say

When you know you have so much more to offer and so many more people to serve, but you don’t know where to start.

IF what you imagine is a personality infused Brand Built around compelling visuals and clear purpose, then

You’re in the right place. so Be brave, stand out, and win customers that want to stick around.



Meet Your ARtists


Benjamin Howard


Benjamin brings a decade of team management and project management to Creative Voices and he’s likely to be your first contact point. He heads up our external growth marketing and networking. But most importantly, he’s also our resident director and videographer and he excels at bringing personality-filled video projects to life.


Joella MArie


Joella is in charge of the details and you’ll work closely with her throughout your campaign. She brings a keen eye to the strategy sessions and puts her 8 years as a photographer to good use bringing unbelievable custom content to life for businesses. She’s also your go-to for branding, logo design, website design, and copy.


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