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we believe in the businesses that make beautiful things and offer meaningful change. Ones that are committed to the ethical treatment of People, animals, and our planet. And We exist to HELP these Businesses find their people.






Creative Services


Video projects


Photos garner attention quickly but it’s video that fosters a deep connection and inspires us to action. And in today’s world, that’s what we’re all craving: human connection. We accomplish this through a unique hands-on directorial style and through clear, simple storytelling that gives you something tangible and authentic. And remember, when you fall in love with content you can’t help but share it.


Photo Campaigns


The quickest way to inspire and communicate who you are is with a beautiful image. Customized content means that you stand out from the noise and build brand identity. We’ll handle everything from the idea to production and image delivery. Photo projects can include targeted campaigns, custom stock photo libraries, creative headshots, launch campaigns, and cover images


Story Workshops

Projects kick off with a custom day of story workshopping. This is where we dig into who you are as a business, your goals and priorities and ethics and ethos. We use lots of visuals to understand your personal style and build a common design language. Basically, we get on the same page and build a custom strategy. It’s the foundation upon which all your creative is based.



Hand-crafted design has the ability to foster trust, to make people feel taken care of and understood. These human touches, when used in measured ways, are powerful but can go seemingly undetected. Maybe a custom illustration or an actual swath of paint scanned to a website. These are the details that make a brand stand out, even if a customer can’t quite put a finger on why they enjoy the experience so much.



When done well, a website is beautiful and exceedingly simple. They are a communication tool and a platform to highlight the creative content. If photos are the quick grab and videos are the tool for deep connection, then websites are the glue that hold it all together. And bonus if that simple site can also be a site that customers enjoy using and maybe even enjoy sharing.



Meet The Artists


Benjamin Howard


Benjamin brings some ten years of project management to Creative Voices and he’s likely to be your first contact point. He heads up our external growth marketing and networking. But behind the scenes, he’s also our director of photography. When it comes to personality-filled video projects, it’s Ben who handles the capture and edits.


Joella MArie


Joella is in charge of the details and you’ll work closely with her throughout your campaign, starting with your custom story workshop. She brings a decade of experience in strategic content design and claims it’s her frequent traveling that fills her creative tanks. Here at Creative Voices, Jo is our director, photographer, and website designer.


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