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MAke Marketing Fun



Joyous Creative, Purposefully Built

The creative center of what we do is photo campaigns and video projects.

But the content is always built around powerful strategic thinking.

So it’s not just fun content, it’s content that tackles your business goals.



Creative Services


Story Workshops

Projects kick off with a custom day of story workshopping. This is where we dig into who you are as a business, your goals and priorities and ethics and ethos. We use lots of visuals to understand your personal style and build a common design language. Basically, we get on the same page and build a custom strategy. It’s the foundation upon which all your creative is based.


Photos & Videos

This is where we shine. Powerful visual content is hands-down how you’re going to stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace. Think outside the box and above all, be authentic. Everyone has a camera these days, so to earn attention you have to do more. You have to say something that is worthy of your customer’s time.

Photo campaigns include headshots, creative lifestyle shoots, and custom stock images. Video projects include everything from storyboarding to editing and delivery.


Branding & websites

Ready to trade tired branding for something that actually feels like you? We offer logo design and complete branding guides. And then you pull everything together with a custom website. Beautiful and simple. Clearly communicate your message and let your story and content be the stars of the show. And best part? YOU OWN YOUR WEBSITE!


our mission

The future is small.

Our commitment to remaining a boutique agency means that we’re nimble. We’re fresh. Less Hands on the project equals less bureaucracy. We’ve freed ourselves to think outside the box. We’ve Got our Ears to the ground and we’re in tune with the marketplace. We’re makers and doers. We’re fast. it’s all the creative and less bullshit.


Our work



Telling Your STories Using Art & Creativity

We believe that the best way to stand out and earn loyalty is to connect.

And the Best Way to Connect is through stories. Our culture is Built on STories.

The kind of stories that fill us with hope and spark Joy.



Meet The Crew


Benjamin Howard


Benjamin brings some ten years of project management to Creative Voices and he’s likely to be your first contact point. He heads up our external growth marketing and networking. But behind the scenes, he’s also our director of photography. When it comes to personality-filled video projects, it’s Ben who handles the capture and edits.


Joella MArie


Joella is in charge of the details and you’ll work closely with her throughout your campaign, starting with your custom story workshop. She brings a decade of experience in strategic content design and claims it’s her frequent traveling that fills her creative tanks. Here at Creative Voices, Jo is our director, photographer, and website designer.


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